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The Holiday Season is HERE! As part of our mission to reduce the pet overpopulation crisis, we provide safe housing and provide skilled and trained staff to support our non-profit rescue partners and affiliates. This year, we are allowing all Rescue Organizations we serve to participate in a unique opportunity to be featured in our Holiday Gift Catalog. The gifts you contribute will help our Rescue community by helping the animals entrusted to our care. 

In addition to our training and behavioral consulting services, SDAT also provides a high standard of daily care and opportunities for every pet to find their forever home. 

Be part of SAVING LIVES! today when you purchase a gift from our catalog that will directly benefit our Rescue Pets who await their promising futures. 

On behalf of the Rescue Community we serve and the pets we are humbled to be entrusted to care for, THANK YOU!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to ALL!

Heather L. Crane

SDAT Owner and Behavioral Consultant

Participating Rescues

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